Two More Journals Indexed by ERIC

Sciedu Press is proud to announce that ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center) has added two more of our journals to its index.  Starting with Volume I, “Journal of Curriculum and Teaching” as well as “World Journal of Education” is now indexed on ERIC. 

ERIC is a premier digital index or database for education research and information, which is administered through the U.S. Department of Education’s Institute of Education Sciences.  Inclusion in ERIC means the education research disseminated in these journals can be easily searched and accessed.  It also means that these publications are now available in the largest education research database (containing over 1.5 million records) as well as the world’s most widely used educational research index.  Because ERIC employs very high selection standards, the inclusion of two more Sciedu Press journals to the ERIC database attests to the rigor and prestige of the journals we publish. 

Sciedu Press is a private scientific publishing house that publishes cutting edge, sophisticated research in the field of education in addition to medicine, social science, engineering, business, and management.  The inclusion of these two journals to the ERIC digital index demonstrates our continued excellence in disseminating outstanding education research in our journals.  “World Journal of Education” and “Journal of Curriculum and Teaching” now join the “International Journal of Higher Education,” which was added to the ERIC database in January 2015.  

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